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Oleev Kitchen Premium Penne Pasta 400g

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Oleev Kitchen

  • Oleev Kitchen Fusilli Pasta has been crafted from the finest 100% Wheat Semolina which is nutritious, healthy and keeps a check on your hunger.
  • With 0% Maida and no Cholestrol, Oleev Kitchen Pasta is your go to food when looking for a healthy and scrumptious meal.
  • This product is a good source of protein and fibre which keeps you full and satiated for long.
  • 0% MAIDA | NO CHOLESTROL | 100% Vegan

Made with Durum wheat which is a source of protein and fibre, 0% cholesterol and no trans-fats. Penne pasta pairs superbly well with chunky, cream-based sauces and vegetables. Traditionally cooked “Al dente” is also served with different sauces such as pesto, tomato and basil, or arrabbiata.


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